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A Little Words About me

Luis De La Torre

¡Hola! I am Luis, a native Spanish speaker. I was born in a little town in Jalisco, Mexico. I studied and earned my Degree in Political Sciences. After that, I worked as a teacher in a middle school, teaching history and creative literature. Then, I started my career as a Spanish teacher in a private institute in Denver, CO. I am currently a full-time Spanish teacher and earning a master’s degree in Spanish teaching in multiple contexts.  

I like to ride my bike through the city to explore new locations to eat. I enjoy visiting the museum and overall love for the arts. I also enjoy watching soccer games and walking in the park with my family on weekends.

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conoce a Tu Profesor de español

My teaching philosophy is summarized in the following points:
     1. My classes are focused on the student’s needs.
     2. I know how important it is to stimulate, keep, and increase motivation in students.
     3. I follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and Instituto Cervantes curriculum.
     4. I choose the best grammar and practice resources that help you achieve your goals which include extended use of Open Access and Creative Commons.

Experienced and enthusiastic teacher. Focused on speaking skills during class time.

Communicative Approach, Based on PPP Strategy: Presentation, Practice and Performance



Curso Universitario de Especialización En Enseñanza De ELE General  

Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes 
  • Curso universitario de especialización en enseñanza de ELE a niños y adolescentes 150h. 
  • Curso propio de formación en enseñanza ELE en línea 50h. 
  • Curso de iniciación para profesores de español ELE online. 

Kids and teens program

Elizabeth Machuca

¡Hola!  I’m Elizabeth Machuca, but you can call me Eli. I’m originally from Guadalajara, Mexico. My passion? Making learning Spanish fun, effective, and engaging for children and teens. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I have 2 years of experience teaching Spanish to children and teens. I also have created interactive activities for ESSLINGUA  and other websites. I believe in fostering an interactive learning environment where students can:

  • Develop their communication skills and fluency.
  • Deepen their cultural understanding of the Spanish-speaking world 
  • Ignite a genuine love for the Spanish language 

In my free time, I love getting creative with crafts, getting lost in a good novel, and cruising around on my electric bike when the weather’s good.  

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