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"No puede decirse en qué lugar se habla un mejor español, porque no hay un castellano, sino muchos."
Gabriel Garcia Marquez

spanish Lessons
For All Level

a1 - a2

Basic user

Understand and use familiar everyday expressions. Communicate in simple terms and routine task. Describe in simple terms aspects of their background and environment 

b1 - b2

Independent user

Describe experiences, events, dreams and ambitions. Understand the main ideas of a complex text and give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

c1 - c2

Proficient user

Can express him/herself fluently and spontaneously. Can summarize information from different spoken an written  sources.


Interactive activities

Gramar activities

Learn about the grammar structure, times, tenses and moods in Spanish.


Learn with all levels readings.
Short tales with comprehension activities.   

Conversational class

Use Spanish in real life situations  and talk about interesting topics.


Improve your comprehension while you’re having fun.


Discover most famous Latin artist and learn Spanish.

Poems and books

Best recommendations to get closer to the culture.


What Students Say About online clases

“I have been taking remote lessons with Luis and found it to be a great experience. The lesson plans are very interesting supplemented with grammar and exercises which makes the hour go pass very fast. My computer skills are limited and Luis is very patient and assists me in this area . Luis is a perfect 10 as a teacher, individual with a great personality. I highly recommend! Thank you Luis!”
Tatyana K.
"I enjoyed the class a lot. Luis made me feel comfortable with the level of Spanish that I know. Looking forward to improving my speaking (and understanding) more!"
“Luis is very patient and creates lesson plan according to my needs and concerns. Very accommodating/flexible with schedule. Thank Luis!”
I am a retired 74 year old doctor who started trying to learn spanish over 10 years ago. I tried most options available to me, including Rosetta Stone, private teachers over skype and once for 6 months a private teacher I met with face to face twice a week. I improved very little , studying grammar and memorizing conjugations etc. I gave up after about 7 years, frustrated at my lack of progress. I decided to give it another chance again almost a year ago when I found Luis Lopez. His approach was very different. He spent the first few weeks exposing me to all types of material (videos, youtube channels, short stories and articles in spanish etc), searching for my interests and finding out about my preferences. He did not approach me with a cookie cutter method he used for all his students. He was customizing his approach to my needs, likes and dislikes. When I expressed an interest in the exploration of our universe, he found articles and videos associated with that topic. Our classes twice a week are stress free and fluid. I am improving for the first time in years. I feel as if I have not only found a new teacher but a new friend. I could not recommend Luis more highly. Five Stars!! Dr Sam M. Horowitz, FACFAS retired!
Sam M. Horowitz
“The class was very engaging with songs, stories, and games. Luis came prepared and was very organized. We're looking forward to our next lesson. Thank you!
August D.

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